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Mechanics of on-chain asset tokenization

The end-to-end process of on-chain asset tokenization covers five key steps:


Assemble the

We ensure that the integration of the technology is smoothly done with a large ecosystem of providers so that issuers can create a bespoke end-to-end solution (e.g., custody, KYC/ AML provider, legal, marketing, advisory, tax etc.)


Register asset
& configure token:

The asset is registered and made available for tokenization on the blockchain network. Once the raise is structured and the ecosystem is mapped out, we let issuers configure their tokens in a simple and intuitive manner, no matter the asset type. The number of assets to be registered on the platform is a decision made in alignment between the issuer and platform provider. The assets are normally publicly visible, but some are also traded in an invite-only auction or through a select group of permissioned broker dealers.


Set compliance

These compliance rules are encoded into the smart contract, enabling faster processing and lower protocol fees that can scale as demand and complexity of regulation grows. It gives flexibility to issuers to set rules around who can hold the token, how many investors can hold the token, and how it can be transferred.


Store, manage
& distribute token:

The tokens are stored in a software vault and supported by a custody service to manage digital twins (i.e., to maintain the link between an existing asset and its digital representative token). Tokenization service providers give issuers an automated and reportable way to manage the initial token distribution as well as future distribution events. Issuers assign broker dealer for all the customers on the platform. Customers can trade among themselves. If the issuer wishes to open it to as many investors as possible, then it requires a big marketing push followed by an auction.


Execute corporate

Allows the issuer to input a few details and create a corporate action, for which the engine determines entitlements, schedules the communications, distributes capital (if required), and updates records.

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